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Indoor / Studio

studio5Active Lifestyles can boast the best functional training studio on the Northern Beaches. Our training studio is well equipped with all amenities such as:

  • shower
  • change room
  • lockers
  • towels and water are all provided.

We make it easy for you to book reschedule and cancel your training schedule. As part of joining Active lifestyles we provide you with a personal login into our entire booking system. This allows you to book and change your sessions to suit you personal schedule.

Before any training begins you will have a personal appraisal of;

  • your lifestyle
  • physical and medical history along with a
  • postural and physical analysis
  • We will also ask for a 3 day history of your current nutritional patterns
  • 3 sets of goals if necessary, short term, mid term and long term.
    From here your trainer will determine the most appropriate path for you. Referrals may be appropriate and if so we use the most professional and experienced services as local to us as possible. (refer to useful resources)

    A typical session will begin with a warm up, then your personal training begins with your specific goals in mind you are guided or pushed depending on those needs! A session will generally end with either massage and or a stretch for your specific tight muscles that were identified in your personal appraisal.