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articles/Newsletters archive

published articles from Brad Spark plus newsletter archive

1. File description: tummy bum [278.7KB]

File name: Tummy_n_butt_-_6_Super_Exercises-2.pdf

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2. File description: man or mouse part ii [507.9KB]

File name: man_or_mouse_part_ii.pdf

3. File description: man or mouse part i [211.1KB]

File name: man_or_mouse_part_i.pdf

4. File description: ocean swimming [296.9KB]

File name: ocean_swimming_pdf.pdf

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5. File description: endurance cycling [312.5KB]

File name: endurance_cycling_pdf.pdf

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6. File description: Running Tips [155.3KB]

File name: Brad_s_running_story.pdf

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7. File description: Winter edition [281.6KB]

File name: Ski_Fit_for_active_people.pdf

8. File description: April 2009 [115.5KB]

File name: april.doc

9. File description: March 2009 [115.5KB]

File name: march_-09.doc

10. File description: January 2009 [105.0KB]

File name: january_2009.doc

11. File description: December 2008 [105.5KB]

File name: december.doc

12. File description: November 2008 [106.0KB]

File name: NOVEMBER_08.doc

13. File description: October 2008 [88.0KB]

File name: October.doc